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Hello everyone Les Yocum and family hope the best in your experiences in life.  My wife Yvonne and I  have had a very unique life together.   After playing music R & B,  serving in the USMC & 23 years with USPS we are in Okeechobee, Florida.   Country living and enjoying  grand children.   Now we have a home  Royal Sound Piano Service

In addition to being a beautiful piece of furniture, the piano is a complex musical instrument.

We are available to assist you in purchasing a new or used piano, either from a store or a private party. We can inspect a piano you are interested in and give you the evaluation of the different parts of the piano. Share information with you about a piano type that you may be considering purchasing, or help you find the right piano at a price that fits your budget through our many contacts within the industry.  This service may help you also avoid purchasing an instrument that requires expensive repairs. Although I am not a piano dealer and generally do not buy and sell pianos, Sometimes we have clients wanting to sell excellent instruments and can help them make the arrangements.  We will have a new Piano Guide coming shortly, this will help those of you who would like to service or learn some valuable information about the piano as an instrument.  If you would like to have a copy please leave the request so that we may be able to contact you and make this available for you.

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