With the past, I have nothing to do;     Nor with the future, I live now.

Ralph Waldo Emerson


Focus on 1 GOAL in order to achieve it.  Focus on the task at hand In stead of multitasking, and you’ll be more productive. Focus on the present, to reduce anxiety and stress.


If you want to be more effective then use the important tool of FOCUS !



 A powerful tool in the world is “choice.” We can choose our attitude, how we react to situations, and with whom we want to share our lives. When illnesses or situations threaten to disrupt our lives, it’s our choice to throw in the towel and become a victim or stand and fight, no matter what the outcome – living the life we have as a victor.


No matter what your circumstances in life, you have a choice in the matter. You, yourself and the person in the mirror. Get it?

How can this be when there are so many horrific cases of past circumstances in so many lives? All kinds of things happen in life. People do things to us, we do things to people, accidents happen, people come into our lives, people go out of our lives. We choose to let these things and people enter our lives or stay in our lives. We also choose our attitude toward them.

When you cease having a choice, you become a “victim.” Whether it’s the changing economy, difficult relationships, or a life-changing accident or illness, we possess the strongest mechanism there is to create a breakthrough: the power of choice. We choose how we react, what we think about and what we become – no matter what our surroundings or circumstances. We also choose how we want others to perceive us, acting and speaking accordingly.

In the end of winter January 2013 I awakened early one morning to get ready to spend the day writing and playing music. While eating I noticed hurting in my mouth and thought of it as a dental issue. Short time after while shaving, I noticed a lump on the side of my neck. It was not there the day before. I was not feeling ill and in fact, I had just had a check up within 30 days, with a healthy diagnosis.

As soon as I was able to a few days later, I called my family doctor. After explaining my situation, I got an appointment. My family doctor sent me to a specialist. After tests, the diagnosis was not what we wanted to hear.

That profoundly confronting word – Cancer – had just entered my life.




Once I had a chance to digest the situation and prayed about this cause and effect.  I made a choice in attacking a problem head on, I said, “Let’s get to work on beating this thing – right now.” . After living a very fast-paced life and conquering many challenges, there is nothing that compares to the confronting nature of the “C” word and the fact that your life may soon be over. A series of questions start reeling in your mind: Will you be there to see all your grandchildren grow and progress, graduate, and get married?

 During this whole process, I encountered many folks with far worse conditions and a much graver prognosis than my own. Life had found a way of quickly putting things into proper perspective. So much so that when people around us would come to tell me they had a problem, my first thought was, “No, you don’t know what a real problem is.”

These folks I met who had much tougher diagnoses than my own became my heroes and offered me true inspiration; their attitudes demonstrated they had chosen to live life victoriously, even if their life’s duration might be a matter of weeks or months. As one friend once told me, “Every day’s a great day and every meal’s a picnic.”

With wisdom and understanding, loving support from my wife, family and friends, overwhelming strength that can only be found in God in times like this, I was very blessed to know that you do not have to give up to cancer. I am pleased to report that I’ve been fighting back ever since. You see we must understand (Focus and Choice)

Our understanding of nutrition is vitally important in this effort to Focus & making a choice. Time permitting lets share ideas with value on this subject. I would like to give updates and hope to help someone as they battle issues.

When circumstances, people, or an illness threaten to get you down, remember you always have a choice in how you react and deal with the situation. Choose to confront challenges head on, no matter how serious they are. And choose your friends along the way wisely, too. They’ll be there for you just when you need them; supporting and encouraging you to choose to lead a powerful life – one of a Victor.


One thought on “CAUSE and EFFECT

  1. This is great and very inspiring and yes cancer can’t decide what tommorow brings only God and your choice to continue to fight the good fight. It’s easy to talk the talk of trials like these but to actually walk the walk is a real learning, character, and growth experience.

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