Some Real Considerations For Songwriting and Music Business

There are real things for you to consider with your efforts in the music business so think about the big picture with growing in this business.  YES BUSINESS !

Congratulations for taking a big step forward in your career as a songwriter. If you’re considering submitting one (or several) of your songs for a music business opportunity, then you’ve gone to the next level beyond just writing songs and hoping the world will come to you. This being the case, there are a couple of classic mistakes you should be careful to avoid so that you can present yourself as professionally as possible and increase your chances of success .

1. Never attach an mp3 to an email without permission.

Submitting a song either via email or on a CD without having a contact who is expecting it is the same thing as not submitting at all. Unless there has been some kind of exchange where an industry person is expecting your music, there isn’t a pitch opportunity there.

Now you’re probably thinking, “All music industry people say ‘no unsolicited material’ so how can I get permission?” We’ll get back to that in a moment but here’s the most important point. Under no circumstances should you email an mp3 to someone in the industry without express permission to do so. Those files take up a lot of space and if every songwriter submitted unsolicited mp3s to the same music biz person’s inbox it would fill up/crash their email program. The last thing you want is to have someone in the industry irritated with you before they’ve even heard your music. Better still, if you can learn how to enclose a link to your song in the body of your email, you’re way ahead of the game


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