Making a Difference With Your Piano !

Your piano selection is an experience and deserves true consideration when the process is too take place. Take for instance a Steinway piano they have made a complete standard for sound. To this day they continue to be the instrument that many pianists, composers and performers use around the globe.  Once you try a Steinway you will have made a statement before the sound begins.  You will have real consistent musical sounds and true beauty.
We would love to hear about the different pianos that you feel are quality in the musical arts of this vast globe.  We are here in Florida and we service different clients with their piano needs.   We offer complete restoration of pianos as well.  Here at Royal Sound Piano Service we have many styles of wood finishes that will inspire you in your surroundings.  Some veneers and finishes such as Indian Rosewood, Macassar Ebony, Santos Rosewood, African Cherry and African Pommele. It does not matter if you are a composer, concert pianist, music director, or someone who just enjoys music and likes to inspire others. We are here willing to help serve you.

IS THE French term for dappled and it is especially apt for describing highly figured woods like sapele, makore and bubinga when the so-called quilted or blistered looks are present.
Sapele can be plain or have ribbon-like stripes or a highly figured grain, but the term “sapele pommele” is reserved for a specific figure.
Charles Stem, president of The Wood Gallery Inc., Wood Knobs, IN, is often asked by customers to describe the look of sapele pommele. “I liken it to champagne bubbles, rising in a glass,” says Stem, who used sapele pommele framed with solid mahogany for his office desktop. “Sapele pommele is one of my favorite woods. It’s just a beautiful look.”

There are so many varieties of woods that make a beautiful piano.  We wood appreciate any comments and suggestions in the industry of Musical Arts and piano restoration.


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